Download Camp Schematic Layout

All accommodation has electric heaters

Adults only, 10 bedrooms, all with vanity basins and electric fan heaters. The West end (closest to the main hall) has 4 twin bedrooms, 2 showers, 1 toilet, 1 Disabled bathroom plus toilet. The East end has 6 bedrooms with queen beds, 4 showers, 4 toilets and 1 chub. Self-contained for small groups but also available as part of the main camp hire at extra cost. May be hired separately.

There is a large lounge and open-plan kitchen in the centre of the Lodge. The kitchen has a large fridge, electric stove, kettles and microwave oven. The lounge has a large screen TV and DVD player, and may be used for committee meetings, etc.

Adults and families only, 9 cabins with total of 40 beds + adjacent bathrooms.
There is a self-contained 2-bedroom flat in the Willow block, which is available for separate hire. It has an open-plan kitchen and lounge.
The entire Willow block is suitable for small groups up to 20 to hire separately.

Adults and families only, 13 cabins with total of 54 beds + adjacent bathrooms.

Boys : 7x 6-bed & 1x 3-bed rooms + bathroom
Girls: 7x 6-bed & 3x 3-bed rooms + bathroom

Mattresses and pillows are provided. EACH PERSON MUST BRING PILLOW SLIPS and a sheet to cover the mattress, plus sleeping bag or other bedding. Dacron pillows and rubber mattresses are available for asthmatics. Cots are available.