Basis of hire


    All hirers are expected to respect the Christian heritage of the site and comply with the Rules of Conduct.

    The organiser or family member heading the group must comply with the Requirements for Directors, except for the first item.

    For large camps, please open the appropriate tab above and read the requirements which apply to your group.


    1. The following teachings must be held as true by the Camp leadership:
    (i) The divine inspiration of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant Word of God. This is the sole authority for faith and practice.
    (ii) God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit are equally and fully members of the one Godhead.
    (iii) The virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, his death as the only sacrifice for sin, his bodily resurrection and ascension, his present work as Head of the Church, his imminent return for his saints, his return to rule in righteousness and glory.
    (iv) All men are born in sin, salvation is by faith in Christ alone, no one can earn their salvation.
    (v) The permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all believers, the guarantee of eternal salvation.
    2. That while at Camp the public encouragement and promotion of “sign gifts” (speaking in tongues, miracles, discerning of spirits) be refrained from. (We do not seek to forbid what some believe to be a normal part of their worship but do wish to separate ourselves from extreme teachings and practices).
    3. The RULES OF CONDUCT be maintained and campers informed of them.
    4. The REQUIREMENTS FOR DIRECTORS be observed.


    1. The RULES OF CONDUCT be strictly maintained and leaders and campers be informed of them.
    2. The REQUIREMENTS FOR DIRECTORS be observed.
    3. Because of the underlying purposes for which the Camp was established
    (i) Provision be made for a minimum of 15 minutes Bible-related input per day (or equivalent total time), by a member of your staff as agreed to by the Camp Management.
    (ii) Provision be made for the Camp Management to arrange Bible-related input for your group, at a time and in a style mutually suitable. This could include games, stories, films, or “Bible-In-Schools” style depending on your group composition.

1. No interference with Camp property.
2. No cigarettes, alcohol or non-prescription drugs allowed on the property.
3. No kicking of balls inside the buildings.
4. Vehicles are not to be driven around the property except to service the cabins.
5. Keep within the Camp boundaries, unless specific permission is obtained from neighbouring farmers.

1. There must be a minimum of one responsible adult sleeping in each bedroom with children and young-people. We insist on adequate supervision for care of the facilities, and safety in case of emergency.
2. Camp Director must be familiar with fire equipment and notify campers at the earliest opportunity of safety information which will be supplied on arrival.
3. Camp buildings and grounds are to be left clean and tidy on vacating. Please follow cleaning instructions on notices and on your Report Sheet.
4. All losses, breakages and damage are to be reported on the Report Sheet to enable maintenance to be done.